What To Expect 

It began as farmland providing food to the Alamo, and now it is the location of magnificent mansions and historic homes. San Antonio’s King William district has drawn visitors over many decades to take in the grandeur of life as it was in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. During our casual stroll, you will see these homes, admire their stunning architecture, and hear the stories of the families that lived in them.

We will remember the Joske family who operated “the biggest store in the biggest state,” the mansion that boasted the first electric lighting in San Antonio, the home of the largest Napoleonic collection in the United States and the house built by the man who introduced ice cream sodas to the United States. On the tour you’ll also see the house of the socialite who was buried in the front seat of her Ferrari, and the home of the man credited with inventin corn chips. So many of these homes have fascinating “back stories” Some of these stories are happy, while others are tinged with sadness. This is a walk through the living history of the Alamo City.